Community Gardens

IMG_1491There are many types of community gardens. More and more empty lots are being used for vegetable gardens, mixed vegetable and flower gardens, and as small neighborhood parks with benches and gardens, a gathering space for friends to enjoy each other, or a passing individual to sit a spell and enjoy the surroundings. Design for the best use of available space can create a neighborhood gem that invites birds, butterflies, cool insects, and people alike to enjoy nature.

Interested neighbors can get together and talk to the owner of an empty lot. The owner may be happy to see something interesting grow up. The alderman is a possible help as well. Lots that have been empty for a period of time can be eye sores and dangerous. Interested community members working together can accomplish great miracles.

Working as a group with a landscape designer to create a new community garden or park is an exciting and empowering project.


"I sometimes find the promise of of flowers still to come almost more appealing thatn the full glory of maturity."

Beth Chatto, author of 'Drought Resistant Planting Through the Year'

Native Illinois Plants